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Source Code Available?

first post: jbowers wrote: This task list rollup is exactly what I've been looking for. I'd li...

latest post: mculp wrote: same here - we have a need to roll up task lists renamed to Project...

How can I display only my pending tasks?

first post: ramon84 wrote: Hi, First of all, you saved my day with this project. Thank you ve...

I got error after installation of webpart

first post: Navi001 wrote: ERROR: The user does not exist or is not unique I got the error af...

latest post: Navi001 wrote: I t was because of Cache Super User/reader I configured before .......

does it work cross site collection?

first post: dealkk wrote: does it work cross site collection?

Multilanguage - localisation

first post: schneika wrote: How can we add other languages für localisations?

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